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Today I’ve had a very emotional conversation with a mother at my age, who has a daughter at age 13.
She had a very good relationship with her daughter until last jear, when her daughter got into a new school and there were other children bullying her a lot-
so she got into a circle of aggresion against herself, her mother and family, and began to carve her own skin on legs and arms. She also started using drugs, a friend of her nearly died of an overdose.
A lot of that stuff reminded me on my past and my friends at that time.
The mother really fights for her daughter, but the only way she sees at the moment, is to put her away into a student home with very hard boundaries and lot of control, where they get something like an “ankle bracelet”..
I told her that she should do this, just a few time. Cause she lost control over her daughter, and she must prevent that her daughter brings herself in more danger. Maybe one time in future she will be thankful that her mother choose this way to take care for her, and not let her run away into more self destruction and danger drug use.
Cause the most important thing for parents in this situations might be, to not give up. And not let their child do whatever that child would do.

You’ll never know what might be the best solution, but you need to do something, to bring your child into a safe space, where damage could get reducted.