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Hi asdfghost,

I am like you. I can understand how you feel.
You are right, I have suffered from this problem longer than you.

Pick yourself up and continue fighting each time you fall
You have lost a battle, you have not lost the war.
There are many battles to be fought on this recovery journey.

Take one day at a time.
If you find one day at a time hard and painful, take one baby step forward at a time.
You only need to stay gamble free today.
Tomorrow you do the same.
Anyone with multiple days, months and years of gamble free time is doing the same thing like you everyday.

Slip and relapse is a part of the recovery process.
Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey.
Seek progress, not perfection.
It is achievable.

Start a new thread and keep posting.
Journaling is a highly recommended recovery tool.