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We can try to avoid the curve balls but still get hit by them in life.

Bad things do happen to good people in life. This is life.
I have learnt to accept this reality the hard way.
I have learnt to accept that there are many areas in my life that is out of my control.
This is living life on life ‘s term.
When I do get hit by the unexpected events,
I need to watch out and make sure that I do not self-destruct.
I must not become impulsive and lose my self-control.

I suffer from impulse control disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and psychopathy link to gambling.
I need to work on the problems that can lead me to gamble constantly.

It is my responsibility to walk away from the first bet and stay away from danger.

I must repent if I am going to gamble.
I need to stop myself, and make a U-turn back to safety.
I must not turn a blind eye to gamble.
I must avoid the first bet.
I must not allow the first bet to happen today.

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