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Hi Gustav,
sorry to hear about your relapse, but it happened and there is nothing you can do about it, focus on the future.
after all my relapses I concluded that I should work on 3 parts to address this addiction :

part#1: prevention and immediate action ( the usual stuff)
barriers, cutting credit card, website blockers, reduce access to money, ask some one to handle your money, attend meetings SMART or GA .. .etc the forum is full of these tips and tools. the first part will give you a buffer to focus on the real causes that keeps you relapsing.

part#2: the real stuff:
if you can afford a therapist then work with one, if you can’t (like me) then you have to do it on your own.
you need to figure out what trading gives you and find a real and realistic alternatives.
for me trading was an escape, a hope of better future.. a wrong answer for the question how I can live a better life, how I can reach to a financial freedom, how I can be more self-confident, how I can have my own business, …….etc because it is an easy answer I kept going back to trading, i didn’t have an alternative answers. the solution is to find a better answers and realistic alternatives to fill your needs ( all your needs : personal, financial, emotional …etc ) .
we both know we are addict we both know once we place this first trade it is a matter of time before we blow the account up. so why we still do it, we do it because it serves a need, we have to find what it serves and find an alternative solution to that need.

trading is an easy answer but it is the wrong answer, you need to search for the correct answers.

part#3: the psychological part.
frankly I can’t afford to work with specialist because the financial disaster that I am in, but if you can you need to check for the underlaying causes for example : if you have ADHD you are more prone to addiction, if you have depression you are prone to addiction, if you are introvert you are prone to addiction… this needs a specialist to work with you, if you can’t afford it, read about, watch youtube see what can be done to help you in this regards,
fore example there is some supplement like omega 3 and NAC are very helpful, walking and life style changes can help as well. do your best in this part don’t ignore it.

as a summery you need a holistic approach to deal with this addiction and the root causes of it.

I could be a more severe case, I am in recovery for the last 5 or 6 years with ton of relapses, I may not be the right person to give you an advice but this is my personal conclusion and this is what I am currently trying to apply to defeat this addiction .

wish you all the best

  • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by Dark Energy.
  • This reply was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by Dark Energy.