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Another week or so goes by.
Getting more organised with moving forwards.
Better with managing my time again. Not being so distracted by thoughts of gambling and the damage it has done.
I will admit that some thoughts about gambling have popped up this last week. Here in the UK we have the Cheltenham horse racing festival next week. This is an event that has always previously dominated my thoughts. I have taken time off from work to watch it before, made time when at work to watch races before etc….
This year I intend things to be different.
1. I have identified it as a major trigger and distract myself when thoughts do creep in
2. I am avoiding sports websites, newspapers etc
3. A plan is in place to keep myself busy next week
One bet, if successful would lead to another, then another ….
One bet, if it is a loser would lead to another then another
Avoid, avoid, avoid. I am a better man without gambling.
One day at a time, best wishes.