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Today I realize that my blood pressure was always very high on the day I visit the recovery drop in center.
I only found that out after I have kept a daily record of my high blood pressure measurements recently.

I do not have perfect health. Sometimes I maybe stressed by my eczema, chest pain and breathlessness, intestinal bleeding, high blood pressure. I also suffered from impulse control disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

I do not know I was unwell, but the staff there have noticed redness on my face or eyes;
I only knew that I feel different on that day compare to other day;
I thought it was just another harmless and normal day.

When I cannot sleep and have some free time; I would like to do something I like;
I choose to go to a recovery drop in center.
This is a habit much like my journaling, it did not come overnight.
It was something I pick up since month August year 2005.
Now I can imagine how that has helped me over the years.

If I did not decide to go to a recovery drop-in center;
I could be at risk of self-destructive behavior with all my free time;
I could have ended up in some places doing something that was not helping and harmful to me.