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Hey kin ya those are definitely some key points to causing it. Id say the most prevelant thing is some form of emotional dysregulated state. Basically things that cause a distress to the deep rooted unhealed parts of ourselves. Disconnection is a huge one to. People that pull away from recovery and try to just do it without any form of help. But really it all comes down to the emotional part of our brains. That’s why there’s a huge component talked about in recovery about maintaining your emotional sobriety. People can be abstinent but there not really recovering. That’s why healing past traumas,learning to cope with difficult emotions, and learning to connect with humans is so vital for a healthy recovery. It’s hard we instinctively want to escape and not be hurt by others. The majority of people I’ve met in recovery have had extreme trust issues and have been so severely hurt by other people they’ve just learned to be on there own as a survival mechanism. But we need others.