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Happiness is a state of being that is characterized by an overall sense of contentment, satisfaction, and well-being.
Happiness is a long-term emotional state that is not dependent on external circumstances or material possessions.
Happiness is an internal state that is cultivated through a combination of positive emotions, meaningful relationships, and a sense of purpose and fulfilment in life.

Pleasure, on the other hand, is a short and temporary experience that is often associated with physical sensations or external stimuli.
Pleasure is a short-term feeling of fun and enjoyment or gratification that is often triggered by things like food, sex, alcohol, drug, gaming, gambling or other pleasurable activities.
While pleasure can be a positive experience, it is not necessarily indicative of overall happiness or well-being.
Seeking pleasure at the expense of other aspects of life can actually lead to negative consequences in the long run, such as addiction, poor health, and a lack of fulfilment or purpose.