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3 Days 1 hour since I gambled last.
Today I had a pretty good day. I woke up much earlier than normal which felt good for a change. I got up and went to a thrift store where I found a few puzzles for only about $10 total. I haven’t done a puzzle in ages and I wanted something I could do that would keep me occupied and hopefully relax me a bit. I started one today and it did just that.
I had a few thoughts of gambling today and thankfully I have the blockers in place on my devices otherwise I might have been tempted to “just spend a little bit”. Having the blockers in place means I know I can’t gamble so that saved me from even trying.
I’ve dug myself a pretty deep hole and I don’t know how I’m going to get out of it but for now instead of focusing on the enormity of the problem, I am just focusing on what I can do today which is spend as little as possible and try to make as much as possible.
Another day done and looking forward to feeling stronger as the days go by.