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Hello everyone

So I am happy to say that I am still clean since December 24 2019. I am very happy and proud of that number. To be honest with you I am back here because I was extremely close to gambling the other night. Lucky all my bet blockers I have set up kept me from being able to do so. Looking back on it I am so happy that it did. My mind was tricked into just do a little bit it will be ok. I sadly have been down that road and its never ok. Most days when my mind is strong I can keep away. Yesterday I was weak and would have crumbled but thankful for setting up blocks, they do work. I have been goin g through a very hard patch in my life. To be honest lots of it is set up from my gambling downfall. I also do realize I am slowly pulling myself up. With this 3 months I have realized I am regaining myself. My confidence and my inner piece is really starting to show. My ability to focus and put my mind on task is so much better and I am loving this.

Thanks for everyone that has read and followed. Piece and Love.