Hi Cathy!
‘Hope all is well with you and with your son?
You asked on my thread if my son is a CG?
I honestly have to say I do not know.
He has been living a very secret life for quite a few years. Acting like some type of reclusive V.I.P./Big Shot/Celebrity who is not answerable for his actions to anybody. On his visits home (which are very rare) we are treated to his charming over indulgent gifts or a barrage of verbal abuse, aggression and general uproar. This has been the pattern for about seven years. Limits mean nothing to him. I haven’t seen him since November 28th, except for a brief conversation on Christmas night (he did a “no show” over Christmas-It was I who called him) when he was full of self pity and remorse for his own loss. ….Fast forward to March 1st, Ash Wednesday, when I got the “urgent call” from his brother……
I would be vey surprised if he gambles but you never can tell. He HATED gambling with a vengeance and made no secret of how he felt about my gambling and will still dip my nose in it at every opportunity possible. He certainly lives way beyond his means. Spends money (when he has it) as if it’s going out of fashion (as I did) and is generous to a fault. He drinks to excess . Smokes a lot and most likely takes “high class” (sic) drugs. I’m guessing that is how he got hooked up with loan sharks and caused all this distress. He is ruthless. I am still in shock regarding his recent “debt”. He owes me and his father a lot of money. He hasn’t had the manners to even text or call us . Quite frankly I do not want to see him until I put all this hurt behind me and until he makes major changes in his life. He has ruled over our family for too long.
Just pray for him please Cathy and thank you for your concern and support.