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Just read your posts Flo.
Welcome to GT.
I’m around this Forum since 2008, and my biggest regret is that I didn’t exclude from gambling venues sooner and that I failed to follow the advice I was given initially. It takes some of us longer than others to wake up but it’s never too late.
Gambling is a progressive, insidious disease and I can tell you, from sad experience that things only go in one direction until we call a halt to our “madness”. CGS never win so chasing money means more loss/misery every time. We lose much more than money of course-pride, self esteem, relationships, health, sleep etc etc all go by the wayside as gambling takes over our lives and consumes our every thought and action.
Waiting for “official notice” to ban from those sites, is a deliberate ploy , of course . The Gambling Industry plays on the weakness of compulsive gamblers but the good news is that human beings will always be superior to machines, so use your superiority to keep a step ahead of your addiction, otherwise you will be hoodwinked into believing you can take “another shot at the title”.
The reality is, Flo, once we cross the proverbial line, there is no going back.
Kiss your losses goodbye. Dust yourself down and start over, one day at a time. Posting your thoughts and feelings is a healthy outlet and will help you to stay accountable.
Best wishes in your recovery.