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It’s 5 days since you posted, GV.
‘Just wondering if you have made any plans to book that trip for May and July?
I’m sure you will need to book it soon.
Again, I would emphasize that asking Nguyen to pay her own fare would be a way of knowing if she genuinely wants your company of if she is going along for a free ride, perhaps consciously or unconsciously to escape gambling urges or with a long term plan to tie you up emotionally for her own benefit (A long trip abroad , of course would also be a great way to avoid debtors).
CGs know all the tricks GV, and when we are in action , we surround ourselves ONLY with enablers. People who might want to cramp our gambling style are immediately knocked off the hit list.
I agree with Geordie that you would be nuts to invest money in a business with anyone you only met a few months ago, least of all a menopausal CG woman!!!
Nguyen is one shrewd lady. She keeps her body fit to substitute for her financial deficits. Without being too explicit , I would say she is “worth her weight in gold”.
I would like to ask a question.
Do you think she would be “into you” if you were just any ordinary Joe Soap without assets and had no means to lift her out of her present “low spot” that you referred to.
If you continue your involvement with her, you are taking a big gamble. You have a lot to lose (financially) by what you tell us. Your other values have already been seriously compromised by all accounts.
From what you say about this “queen”, she has nothing to lose.
She comes with a warning-Be Careful!
Keep posting!