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Thanks for the kind words and advice Sunny.

I slept well last night and am feeling a bit better than I did yesterday. This morning looking at my recent relapse, I do also feel as if I am in a better place with my recovery than I was 3 months ago. The last time it took me a number of weeks before I took any positive steps including seeking help, while this time it took one day. I was also very unknowledgeable last time about the support available, blocking mechanisms, etc. This time I have my previous knowledge and steps I took available to me to build on. So overall, as I mentioned I still see yesterday as a step backward, but it helps to overall also see some longer-term progress.

So onto a few new additional steps to start with

Support Groups / GA Meetings
I want to make sure to keep these more frequent, with that in mind, I have scheduled some minimum meetings for the next few weeks.

  • December 23rd – Call GA Helpline
  • December 24th – GA Zoom Meeting
  • December 28th – Topic Group
  • january 5th – GA Zoom Meeting
  • January 7th – GA Zoom Meeting
  • January 11th – Topic Group

Blocking / Restrictions

  • Install blocking software on phone and laptop
  • Block gambling transactions from virtual online account, or if that is not possible, permanently close the account
  • Permanebtly close newly created sports betting account

Journaling – Get back to journaling regularly – at least 2-3 times per week