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Well, it has been a very long time since I last posted. I have my weekly GMA women’s group and that has been a source of great support. And is probably the main reason why I have not posted. But as year end approaches I am mindful of looking back over the last year and looking ahead to the next. And what a year it has been. Hard to know where to start. But when I look back at the goals I had in mind for 2020, I have In fact achieved a few of them.
I have continued to work from home and it is amazing how used you can get to just being on home arrest. I have had three battles on returning to work and won all three of them. The last one was just a day or two before we went into tier 4 lockdown and now they have backed off completely. Some of my boss’s team, not mine, did go in and now there is a covid outbreak amongst some of those that did go in. Glad I held out but it was draining. And we had an on line memorial service for the 5 nhs staff we lost in the first wave. That was moving and upsetting.
Christmas Day was spent at home. I watched white Christmas and the cooked a superb organic Xmas dinner from 11am to 4.30pm. Pete came round at 4.30 and we spent a lovely afternoon snd evening together. I got my engagement ring for Xmas, the only present in fact. It is gorgeous gold and turquoise stones. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit and I now wear it on my little finger till the jewellers are open again and we can have it altered. My mum spent Xmas alone but when I rang her on Xmas day, she sounded ok, a neighbour who is in her bubble was with her. My sister was the most upset and cried, having to spend Xmas day with nick and no presents. She was so used to cooking for us all. I actually, t9 be home eat, enjoyed Xmas day more than I would usually.