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Ty Kin. And I wish the same to you and your family.
I spent from lunchtime on the 26th to yesterday evening alone. Although I am meant to be working I haven’t done very much as it is very quiet. Although, there has been a call out in London for all staff clinical and non clinical to see if they can go in. Hospitals in London are becoming dangerously overwhelmed with Covid and it is a critical and worrying time.
Pete came round last night but was quite tired as indeed was I. I made a roast lamb dinner which was really good but we ate late and I ended up falling asleep. Pete mentioned that pre lockdown I was looking great, slim and vibrant and not so much now. I have to say I agree. He is encouraging me to get on the treadmill. I had worked hard on it though pre Covid snd it all culminated in one of the best days ever this year, February 25th, pre lockdown when Pete and I went to Brighton to see the lighthouse family.
Now nearly ten months stuck in the house from March 7th, working from home and it has had its affect. A lack of exercise and generally not feeling great. And not being able to do much about it as all non essential shops r closed and hospitals are not safe places to even go for an appointment now. I have deferred all medical procedures to the spring. I have had a few urges as I am incredibly bored and fed up with this situation. I think lockdown is very very damaging for many but the alternative isn’t the better option. So it is a case of just staying safe. What do people do when they are in prison, just try and keep fit and well I suppose. Survive.
Normally I would be writing my goals for 2021 as I usually do but this year it is different. I would like for Covid to be obliterated worldwide and for some things to get back to a safe normal. And to recover my health. The diet is starting on 4th January so we will see where we go with it. I will carry on with the courses I have done this year, two of them complete, one just about to finish, second part of another starting on 7th January and the diets course I am massively behind on. But I have done 4 courses during 2020 and completed two nearly three so am pleased with that. Time not entirely wasted.
I wish everyone on the site a gambling free 2021 and that we can all return to some type of normality in 2021.