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Oh I hate myself for posting this, but its my day one again.

I did well for a couple of months, and well it all came crashing down yesterday as I let things slip.

Again I was somebody that I did not recognize trying to gain everything back. Things were going well with the gamban application i set up, but then an opening came as it was not on my cellphone. I was also watching a lot of gambling streams – probably because I was bored. Seeing that, made me think – I am sure I can do that too (even though I knew better)!

The thought process was stupid, and I am not in a better place, its another financial setback. I need to do more. I can say that I am happy that I made it to the two plus months that I did, but I am ashamed that I let myself falter and fail – all in one night. I can do so much damage financially – those high losses are starting to become a norm, and it sets me back (both present and future).

I want to do better, and become a better version of myself.