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Hi there Kin – you do speak the truth in your words! All started with a harmless thought- “this will not be a problem”, “I can control this”, “I am better now”. What has it really given me? A bigger setback. I am getting older each day, and this cannot be the memories that i carry into the next century. I know that this is not me, and I need to put in a better effort in rediscovering my non gambling self.

I have the links for the zoom meetings, and have been listening to some testimonials transcripts on other peoples experiences. I know this is an early day as its my day two (which is all too familiar to me). I am familiar with that feeling that I want to change, but what I need to do is be in touch with this feeling throughout the upcoming days. Keep that energy, and drive towards fixing myself. I need to continue this momentum so that I can truly make it work (not just some lip service – I need to believe it in it). It needs to be a dedicated process, and a promise that I do not break.

Thank you again for writing to me – I really appreciate it.