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Thanks johnstein. I have started my GF life last week as well.

It is day 4. I didn’t gamble yesterday. I didn’t gamble today and I’m not gonna gamble tomorrow.

I am Mohan, a compulsive gambler. I have started gambling 7 years ago and nothing good happened since then. I had survived all these 7 years just to gamble. I had been obsessed with it.

I have started my recovery last year. There were a couple of relapses in my journey to be a non-gambler but I am not willing to give up. I have been attending GA meetings and they are really helping me. One of the gentlemen rightly said it is an illness. It opened my eyes. I am the kind of guy who suddenly thinks I can be a normal gambler and I would be able to stop at will. looks like it doesn’t work that way. I can never be a normal gambler. I am a compulsive gambler and I should never place the first bet.

Hope to hear your story as well.