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Happy New Year Everyone 🙂

I hope everyone has been well and have been riding the gamble free wave successfully.

The past two months have been an eye opener for me, my sessions with my psychologist have been extremely rewarding and have helped me overcome fears, let go of things and just being truly honest with myself. My sessions and one desperate desire to stop gambling has really helped starve the monster and my urges are not often and very far between. I know I am not out of the woods yet and I am continue to work on myself, my partner and I are doing good and I am enjoying having him control the finances as I feel like that gives me breathing space, spent my whole life worrying about money and now I don’t need to right now. I naturally trust myself more and finding it easier to speak my partner about my urges and some of the things I discuss with my psychologist.

Last Christmas was the FIRST Christmas in over 10 years that I didn’t gamble, my desire to want to gamble over Christmas has always been strong but this year it wasn’t even a thought, or a need. I haven’t gambled since October 2nd 2020 and I feel incredible.
In about two weeks I have surgery and it is good to know that I have money to pay for it and I can spend two weeks relaxing, binge watching shows, reading etc and not even worry about wanting to go out and gamble with all that free time.

Sorry for the short update, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing really well and that it actually is possible to live a gamble free life. Deep down I never believed that was possible for me that this monster would always be part of my life as it was my present and my future but WHAT A LIE I BELIEVED! STAY STRONG EVERYONE.