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Thanks for replying. I honestly do not feel like he will pursue any help. He’s not the type. He’s since started moving things out, he’s told me he doesn’t know if he can change and he doesn’t want to let me down again, he doesn’t want me to bring me down with him. I don’t want him here either if he can’t even promise to make an effort. But then again, if he did promise to make an effort, can I live with not having trust in him? I think the fact that he is so much like my dad was, a hard worker and he and my Mom were so happy but, he was also a liar, nothing ever huge but still…..I loved my dad he’s recently passed, I met my boyfriend while my dad was battling his cancer. That’s a tie that feels binding. He was so happy for me/us, when he was on his deathbed, he made a point to state that. But, I also know he wouldn’t want to to put up with any BS.