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I’m back for another day of being gambling free. While I’m definitely stressed because of my finances, I had an amazing day with my wife and daughter. We enjoyed time together outside and I was living in the moment. I loved every second of it. I wasn’t constantly checking my phone for a score update. In fact I only checked my phone one time and that was to see the time. I have to admit I had some guilt because of all the times where I didn’t fully enjoy the moment because of my selfish gambling ways. There were so many times we were having family time, and I was present but my mind was occupied with a game. I would secretly (so I thought) would check my phone for scores and scores. My mood would change drastically based upon the score. If I was winning or won, I would be a great person to be around. If I was losing, I’m all of a sudden quick tempered and bothering by everything. I don’t want to live my life that way. That’s not who I am nor who I want to be. I know gambling has impacted us all, and it has caused us to be and do things we regret and I am no exception. I realize I cannot change the past, but I can control the right now. The present. By making my daily promise to not gamble, I know I will be a much better husband, father, friend and brother. Today I will not gamble. I will live my life on my terms.
Have a beautiful day all, and I remember we are in control of our actions. Gambling will never solve any of our problems, only make them worse!
Be great!