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I’ve not played casino since Monday, but placed a sports bet on Tuesday. Seriously, is that ok?

If your gambling problem is so vile, why is it ok to place a bet the day after making it through day one?

I have been following this post since I joined nearly two years ago now and this going to upset probably all of you, but why is no one being harder on Murr. The guy is no where to be seen when he’s got cash after winning life changing amounts of cash, loses it, feels like shit, does the same again, disappears again and all I read is, ohhh we feel for you and you can beat this and share this and share that. No one says, actually Murrs, you want us to feel sorry for you because you have lost it all again. But time and time again, you give updates, leaving everyone thinking if you have topped yourself and all along, you where in the casino winning money that would wipe away all your debts in one go and still have cash left over. The reason you didn’t go to the casino after placing the sports bet on Tuesday is because the sports bet didn’t win. Had it won, you would of gone.

I have said it before, I am not you or been that bad, or maybe I have, but had more will power, I don’t know. But yeah, I have gone without food and spent my last penny and walked home many miles after placing my last cash into a slot. But even after a 41 year addiction, I had the sense to walk away when I won something decent. Ok, so big wins on slots in the U.K. are not big because unless you are in a casino, the highest payouts have been from £10 back in the late 80’s to just £100 in the here and now in pubs. So I would walk out if I was ever up £70 for instance and would only go back when I was short of cash to try and win again. But I can not understand what you are chasing after winning life changing amounts of cash, surely, you have accomplished what you set out to do.

But, I can not carry on reading all the comments about you can beat this or this is so awful to read. No, someone needs to say what most of us are thinking anyway I’m sure. Why has not said anything about Murrs placing a bet on Tuesday the day after being clean for a day, what are you all afraid of? Upsetting Murrs? He’s a grown adult and the way he’s been going is clearly not working, so why not try some hard words instead. Telling him he’s, the strongest person on this forum is Simply not true. Those words are for people who have reached rock bottom and then beaten their addiction and continue to remain gambling free, that’s being the strongest person. I do not even consider myself to be that strong despite kicking a 41 year slot machine addiction which by the way is two years on the 18th April. With no help, although I did join this site to help me when I first stopped. I hate myself for the money I have lost through my lifetime and I still continue to gamble on sports betting but that’s always been in moderation. I could lose a grand in a day on the slots and not bat an eyelid, but place my highest sports bet of just £100 and I am a nervous wreck and I can count on two hands how many times I have placed a £100 sports bet.

That’s getting away from the reasons for this post. Murrs, you need to dig deep, much deeper than ever before, put a line under that day and go day 1, write daily updates about thoughts and actions you took to stop yourself from gambling. But hey, what do I know. I’m just a nobody who will get criticism about being to hard on you, but hey, I can take it. I have earned the right to say what I have said, if I ever go back on the slots, you’ll be the first to know and I will deserve everything I get.

I won’t say good luck and all that bollox, you know what you have to do, now just do something about it and stop all this oh, I can’t do this without all of your love crap. It’s not worked in the past, so it’s not going to work in the future.

However, I will say, Stay Safe to you all, regardless if you agree with me or not.