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Is always nice to hear from you. And
You are not a loser, you are powerful more than you will ever know. As compulsive
Gamblers we know we can’t talk down to someone, tell them to try harder, tell them love and support can’t help them. Lord knows I got through some of my darkest days with your love and support; and many others on here that gave me the same advise. Someone that doesn’t understand addiction will tell us to “try harder” “just stop” “you know what you need to do” if only it was that simple. This group has helped me beyond words, and although I slipped up, lost, won, won, lost. I’m still fighting another day. I’m always wishing you the best in your recovery, and know I have your back every step of the way. You are worth it, you are loved, and you are strong. Don’t let the words of certain members on here, affect your recovery. I post when I feel I need to, not for others, but for me. Take care and god bless.