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hello! I have had many relapses in the past and I just had another relapse 4 months ago. I just started this new process yesterday and I read most of your journey and I have to commend you for the honesty and effort. I just want to say that it’s not the end of the world. don’t lose hope and give up. I will be trying out new strategies to cope with this addiction in the coming days. I think the first step is to be honest with myself. I realized some thing after writing my first here. the only person being hurt financially is me myself, not any one else. I have also decided that I would reward myself with a gift after every 4 weeks from now on. We all deal with issues differently. I hope you will find some thing that will work for you. I used to go to gym, watch movies in theater, being social with friends, play snooker, play chess and so many other activities. I lost interest in most of these activities in the last 4 months. I am going to try and add some of these activities back into my routine. I think lockdowns around the world due to pandemic have greatly affected a lot of former gamblers but we need to wire our brains in a certain way that we don’t think about short-cut easy money any more. I started my new road from yesterday. let’s do it together. I will be honest with my journey and I hope you can give yourself another chance