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I am far from a millionaire, apologies if I came across that way. I’ve never been in profit from it either when the week finishes up. Smart investments before I took it up 7 years ago left us with a comfortable buffer. I gambled all of that away with 0 in my savings account and we live very basically as a result. If I stop and give it up those investments can get a chance to build back up again then in a few years I can be back on track.

18 days ago I heard a man on the bus telling his mate his 7 months slots free. He was in his late 60s. He was talking about the decades of playing he had done and never saw it an issue as he never had debt. Going into retirement now and he has to go on the pension as he has no savings. Is that going to be me? It was like a light bulb moment. Yeah I’m lucky I’ve never borrowed or been not able to pay my bills, but I having nothing show for the last 15 years? And it’s only a matter of time before it tips to the other side and I fall in debt from playing.