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If that’s your opinion of me, so be it. But I know 100% I am a good person. I am also not trolling or being unkind, it’s to try and get someone back on track with true words. All this handy pandy remarks telling Murrs he’s doing great and the rest of it, when he is not (in my opinion) is obviously not working. I am mearly telling things how they actually are.

I use twitch and watch peeps play the slots for a reason and that reason is to remind me, that playing the slots is never going to win and it works for you me. I’ve probably been a slot machine addict longer than you’ve been alive and in just 5 days I hit my two year anniversary. But if I failed and said so on here, I would not get upset by someone telling me some hard truths. There’s a an age old saying, do not give what you can not take yourself, that is me and if someone said I was a waste of space for going back on a slot machine, then I would agree with them. I certainly wouldn’t bet upset by it because at the end of the day, we are all on here for a reason and reading through Murrs journey, no one says anything stronger than we are all with you. It’s clearly not working, so why not some honest truths? I am sure I can not be the only one who thinks he could do better and I’m sure Murrs knows he can do better.

I am not here to cause conflict or troll anyone, like I said, we are all here for a reason and we all have the same goal. If my comments upset you, it was not my intention, but I stand by what I wrote and if admin thinks it’s to much, so be it, it was a pleasure over the last two years.

Murrs knows what he’s got to do and a kick up the backside might be what he needs and I’d be the first to congratulate him once he’s kicked this addiction.

If you think I made all that up then you would be wrong. All I did was do the same thing a Dr Now does on a TLC Programme called 600Lbs. If no one knows, it’s about peeps who weigh over 600Lbs and they go to Dr Now to get weight loss surgery via gastric band of sorts, but in order to prove they are willing to diet, they have to lose around 80Lbs over two months. Almost all cases in the first two months, lose either nothing or just a few pounds. Dr Now then gives them a good talking to with some strong words and it works for about 95% of the peeps. In other words, I did not invent the wheel with my remarks……..

Stay Safe y’all & Murrs, you know what you gotta do mate, so let’s do it Huh.

See ya on the other side