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Murr doesn’t deserve to be flogged on here. You could have made your point a lot more tactfully. He would have understood, everyone else would have too. Not cool Plaza, not cool.

He isn’t perfect by my God, who is. And is there ANYONE that hasn’t relapsed on here? I dunno how many posts I’ve read about people trying to quit, but not a single one can I remember where they DIDN’T relapse. I don’t have this addiction, but you don’t need to have it to understand how powerful it is. That’s the bad news..

The good news is that people HAVE beaten it and turned their lives around. Murr did it once, he can do it again. I for one am in his corner and hoping this inpatient thing will help. It’s clear this addiction is strong, destructive to not just one’s finances and relentless. It never sleeps. Never goes away. Lies in wait until you are most vulnerable, then strikes without warning, takes everything and disappears for awhile.

Not easy fighting a stealthy opponent. Extreme measures required to beat it, and one of those is giving up access to your own money/credit. Would seem to put a stop to things, at least in most cases. If you’re not doing this, you’re not ready to quit IMO..

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