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RG, I just read your post. It brought tears to my eyes. First, thank you for all of your support through the years! Next, thank you for your words of wisdom and for reminding me that I’m important also. My life matters! I have been so caught up with my children and Grandchildren that I put myself on the back burner!

I do have dreams! There are things that I want to do. Places that I want to go and there’s no reason that I can’t fulfill them!

I will have to definitely find a group to join or somewhere to volunteer. Too much idle time on my hands, gets me in trouble.

I will have to address my Mom’s dementia at some point. She’s functioning right now and lives close enough to me that I can check in on her. But as hard as it is, decisions will have to be made.

I’m so grateful that both of my Daughters are in a good place and both of my Grandchildren are happy and being well taken care of.

It’s time for me! My Granddaughter will start full time preschool May 24th. Time to let go and move forward.