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Hi Murr,

I’m glad to hear that you have that residential coming up. Don’t let your addiction fill your time between now and then though. You can make your rock bottom NOW. Start putting in place. You think you might need to move in with parents? How about asking them to help you now by looking after the finances?

You are right, an addict doesn’t want to do the thigns that will stop them gambling or make it harder to place that next bet. That doesn’t mean we can’t do those things though. Look aroud the forum, look around the room at your next GA meetings – other addicts who have put things in place. They arent any better than you and you aren’t any worse then them. The addiction will give you all sorts of reasons not to take those action – why not do some of the things that will pi$$ your addictiojn off? Reeally annoy the hell out of it! The advice we dont’t want to hear is generally the best advice.

That residential will come but don’t right off the time between now and then. The residential isn’t a magic want though, it will give you a lot of tools and strategies. I daresay that one of those strategies will be to not have such easy access to gambling funds – if you think you will act on it then whats stopping you now?