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Hey guys thanks for the messages. Sorry
It’s been a really long week at work. I did GA last week for th first time again. It’s just hard to accept I guess, that I’m back at a new rock bottom. It’s just such a monster and I have no compassion for myself.. I’m very hard on myself for what I did. Had counselling again today, she tries to explain I have a mental
Illness but I feel like there was so manh things I could have done to prevent losing it all again. Anyways. Haven’t gambled since Friday. Urges are insane but I have 0$ now.. feel terrible I placed a huge bet with the books and it lost, my friend ajd I a lot., and now he is on me for the cash. I feel teeeible cuz I told him the team to win.. they were up huge ajd lost last Second. Gambling is sick. New job interview this Thursday so I can make more $. Banned from the sites I was using indefinitely .. need my life back.. in the hole for 75k. To bank, bookies, family. Might do consumer proposal. This disease is so progressive and I never thought
This would be my life again at 31. Did it at 18,19,29,24,26,28.. 2 years clean almost and did it again at 31. Man I’m
Tired, sick.. sick and tired of this feeling. Never thought it would Happen again. I’m no expecting to gambling .. I am a statistic .. this is how everyone’s story ends.. if it wasn’t, none of us would be here right, we’d all
Be milllonaires. Much love to all. One day at a time.. longest I have gone without gambling in months. Day 3.. still feel like I’m dead inside. But I know it gets better in time. Prayers for all. Love all