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Hello everyone
I hope you are all well things are a bit better as time goes on.l am51yrs old today and very much looking forward to what unexpected flows of what life brings on.l don’t expect miracles l know l have a big battle ahead of me but I’m ready for the fight.regaining control of my addiction will be the most important fight that l have had to fight.being looked at as a looser is demoralizing l have lost family and friends self respect and love for myself and others.God willing l can mend some of the things l have done wrong whilst being a cg.l am at my wits end at how l have ruined my life and my family life l can only ask God to forgive me as it wasn’t really me that did those things it my compulsion to gambling that led me astray.l never had much what l did have l didn’t cherish for now it’s all gone l only have my self to blame.IT is depressing blaming your self for things you had no control over realizing now that l have most of the answers to the problems.this website and forums have been a great help reading other people story’s and relating to most people has helped me on my road to recovery.
Thankyou and God bless.