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Dark Energy

well, I noticed certain behavior this week, this week was very stressful at work, I really ignored my diet, eat a lot of unhealthy food, went once or twice only to GYM, didn’t read, as usual, my mind was preoccupied with work stress even at home, this was very familiar to me, it felt like I am in relapse except that I was not gambling and I didn’t have the urges to do so.

These behavioral patterns were linked in my mind to gambling. but now work stress is triggering it. there is a lot to work on, a lot to improve, a lot to recover, it is a long journey, I think it needs more than a few months to recover what 6 or 7 years of gambling did to me,
it will take at least 1 to 2 years with progressive steps to say all of that is behind me now and I am in the maintenance stage now.