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Hello all, It helps me to continue journaling here! To put my thoughts down and to be able to come back and reread.

My life continues to be good. I am well. My Daughters and Grandchildren are doing well. I just had my Granddaughter this last weekend. My Grandson starts his 2nd year of high school next week!

I have made a big decision in my life, for now, I’ve cut my Mother out for the time being. If you have read my posts, our relationship is very toxic. I won’t get into the specifics but I can’t tolerate the verbal, mental abuse anymore. The non accountability on her part is too much to deal with.

Please do not judge! It was a hard decision to come to but for my mental well being, I felt it was a wise decision.

I’m gamble free but still struggle from time to time. My debts are being paid and I’m seeing progress. Slow bit sure!

I’m a survivor, in many ways! I’ll go down fighting! So, don’t give up! Keep dusting yourself off and continue on your journey. One day at a time!