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Hi Saikrishna. I am so sorry that you ended up where a lot of us are right now. I just want to say to that you are not alone. Many others and I were/are in the same situation as you are now.
For me , I was where you are 5 weeks ago. The feeling was unbearable and spent all my savings and out myself in a big pile of debt within a year as you are now. The last spin I made and I realized that I just fucked up so bad and the thought of leaving the world seems like the only way but it is not. Your life is more than your addiction. You can do this. You can get better. I know you don’t see it that way now because you only see the whole mess you’ve made. I was the same. Don’t end your life because of this. Sure , We will be in debt for years and it will be hard but We can do this!

Find Hot line or go to your local hospital to seek for help your mental needs . You are not alone. A lot of us were where you are right now.
Do you have anyone you trust that you can talk to? Contact your local budget and debt counseling as well. They can help you sort out your financial.