Dearest Jilly,

What a wonderful update, only emphasizing that in due time most of us will truly break away from the addiction like you.
Yes, trail and error and more of it, years and years of it, but it is what led you to where you are now. Surrounded by those you felt would not understand, your children, family and friends, I feel this is also one of life’s ironies. Now you and your children can move on, supporting and loving one another, not ever to worry about your ex-husband’s gambling addiction. He will have to deal with his actions alone.
Not to be a downer, but please be careful with your ex. He is good now, but once his addiction reaches a new level where he has close to nothing and his young love kicks him to the curb. He will return, he will expect for you to help and play the “We are family, we have children together. So for the sake of them, please help” card and he will be relentless. The addiction will make sure of it. Just pay it no mind. It does not control you anymore. Yet, for the now, it’s great reading that you doing a great job not letting him manipulating you, just continue this stand.
I have moved on too, much has happened with my father since you left, but like you, I am enjoying my recovery and I have you to thank, too. I will always remember how supportive your responds where to me at my darkest times. Many times I wrote to you being a bit direct yet your kind replies, only showed you appreciated what I wrote. I will always remember this. I also remember how you appreciated when I once wrote “you cannot sit on two chairs.”
Much love to you Jilly,
XXX Twilight