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Just for today
This week, this year
I will have no urge
I will have no fear
I will have no chance
To play the slot
No dread that I will lose the lot
Yet tonight my actions could have been just the same
As recent Sunday night trip. when I came
Home, using a detour, a different route
Having planned a lie and “play it cute”
A few stolen hours of hidden fun
After dropping my son back to his honeybun
An outing that had gradually become a habit
One look at my purse and quickly grab it
“See you later ” to hubby-
To make things look normal
A dash through traffic but not too informal
In true CG form make a quick city drop
Slide into a casino chair and flop
No one need know
Its only for fun…
Until that purse empties and I’m out of mon…
And the ATM tells me no more funds available
Until I am left with nothing else sellable
That was last year though
Things are different tonight-
Different this week, ‘cos my mindset is right.
I’ve no intention of losing another week’s pay
I’ve done it too often
I’ve done it so fast
Despite the above poem I know it’s all past
“Don’t get too cocky”
Some people might say
“Given the opportunity , you will find time to ‘play’.

There are two things to stop me in 2019
Things I know in the past kept me stay CLEAN
I intend to apply them , come what may—
“Don’t carry money and go back to GA.”