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A new week. 4 Days now sit between me and my last bet. At some point today I will again have access to money. Money I have worked for the past 2 weeks. I have been going over in my mind how it feels when I gamble – that in itself depresses me. And even worse how I feel when I gamble and I loose. I keep thinking on those emotions as a way to stop myself today or tomorrow from having just 1 deposit.

All online casino options are closed off to me as I have self excluded from every place I play at. But an addict is a determined creature and they are many more sites out on the net. But I am working to getting my mind set right. I spoke with my son on skype last night. He is doing well at school. They have a great education system in Denmark. And he just did his first days work at Mcdonalds 😉 Pays him a monthly wage plus he can spend 75 Kroner on food after his shift and of course the groovy Macadees uniform … but am proud of him. He is a good kid with his screwed on the right way despite his father been just a waste of space these past 3 years. But again day 4 on a new week. I am determined to see this through. To get straight and to finally start to rebuild my life and my business.