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A very complex situation indeed, Geordie!
I hate it when somebody steals from me. It was so ingrained in us as children NEVER to take what is not ours , that I would be terrified to put my hand in anyone’s pocket. We were also trained to hand up money we found. However, nobody “trained” me not to take illicit loans from the Bank for gambling, (lol!) BUT the difference is, I will be paying back on the double for the rest of my “natural” and so will you G, so why should your mate have the right to “rob” you of your hard earned money? It is such a mean thing to do to a fellow worker. I “lost” €200 at work a few years ago. It was only after a colleague mentioned the word “stolen” that I realized it wasn’t “lost”. I was shattered to think somebody would be so light fingered.
The person who stole from me in the past was a relation. I still feel SICK whenever I think of it. The reason if affects me so badly still, is because it was never resolved.I still can’t believe it happened.
Let your boss sort it out.
You need to give that guy a wide berth now for fear of repercussions!
How could you ever trust him again?
(did you get my e mail?)