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AS I understand it, the whole point of handing over control of money is to keep it safe. It will still be YOUR money albeit in the care of a RESPONSIBLE person who releases amounts to you for what you want and when you want (need) it.
The whole point of this exercise is to prevent you spending money on gambling . It is a mutual agreement between two equals.
Not a chance for the 2nd party to have field day at your expense.
This is very unfair (bordering on control ) action on your husband’s part.
Please do not allow him to put you on the back foot, Sherrie. I would put an end to that arrangement, pronto. As IDI said it would be enough to drive me to the hell we are all trying to escape from.
You asked him for help , not for punishment.
It actually makes me mad to read about this , Sherrie.
If this post offends you in any way, I will remove it.
Sounds as if you need Marriage Counselling as per Steve’s post.