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The thrust of my previous post is that you need to take action.  I am not having a go at you for gambling again … we all have a gambling problem and that is what we do – but what ACTION are you taking.  If you have gambled again (I was not sure from your post) why are blocks not in place?  Has your mother recovered from her gambling problem.  If so, she will understand your situation better than most and will do all she can to help.  If not, then you are right – it might be too much temptation for her.  Perhaps there is someone else.

As for the GA thing – I get that you don’t want people to know – but have you explored the possiblity of remote meetings – especially at the moment, in most countries GA does not have physical meetings (although they may in NZ.) Check out if there are meetings via zoom or skype in locations closer to your time zone (Australia) where there is little chance of meeting someone you know.  There are also support group meetings here – although the facilitated ones are probably through the night for you – but check the timetable … there may be some you could attend.

Do things NOW to stop the next cycle of gambling, otherwise you are going to be in this loop for a long, long time.  Something I experienced and would not want anyone else to go through.  I wish you well.