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i won a new life

It’s about day 3 from my last bet on video slots. I suffered a heavy loss while I was lost in the fog again.

Blocks are in place, I still have access to large amounts of money on my line of credit, unfortunately I am living on this now after the juggling my finances.

Even feeling the gambling hang over. Was going to buy a new laptop so I could start gambling again. Thought I could play with a budget and know when I’m at my peak to make a cash out like I used to. Or take 10k put it on one hand of black jack or red or black on roulette. Walk away win or lose. Addiction will do this to me every day and I have a choice, today I made the right choice.

I can just stop gambling now and walk away a winner every day, looking for another job to help pass time and pay down some debts.

One day at at time.