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I suppose that is the common thread with us all here. Why do I only seem to be addicted to stuff that does me harm? I’ve tried to get addicted to the gym and exercise but it just doesn’t do it for me!
What do you think of the recent research that suggests that all addictions, even those that we assume are chemical based like heroin or crack, are actually because the addict feels like they don’t have a normal system of friends and a feeling of fitting in?
It suggests all addiction is down to the addicts feeling of not belonging rather than the thing itself.
Or do you think gambling addiction is different to the others. I’m pretty much definitely an alcoholic as well. Secretly smoke after giving up for one year when I got married. Is there a difference between the self-destructive addictions and ‘just’ obsessions related to hobbies? I know many people who become obsessed with activities: music, cycling, sex. Why am I the one with the self-destructive ones?
Sorry just feeling a bit down today…