adele thank you so much for your kind words and of cousre i want to tell you that you are “something else” you are amazing with all the help here with the forum ….thank you a lot …..
Velvet so nice to see you on my tread ..yes you are so right i try to leave the fear “a little” . I think that i will find someday the feeling to be friendly with all of this..that is happening.
I suppose im giving the space-peace that my relationship need . I m letting free my feelings and that is something i feel good now .(i hope that i m making the right choise) In my mind is always the if” , If something wrong happens again?? ….well if happens then i think know how to protect me and my daughter (that is something that you teaching me very good). This is our chance in our marriage …i hope that we will get out stonger and winners . He deserve the second chance so do I. it is difficult to find the real balance in a relationship after all that (it is not my friend he is my hb so its difficult) …. because i need a relationship real with feelings i dont want someone just to be with me in the same house . But he doesnt want that too(he said) . He needs the same thing he needs all the feelings the love adn the truth that our relatioship can has. I dont want to sound velvet too hard but i dont want v something in the middle …
every day i try we try to let the feelings free and find the new balance . The good thing is that the feelings excists ..
with all my love ……….