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Adele thank you very much for your reply and your warm wishes.
I know that we are in a difficult situation but that is life Adele , life we don’t know what will bring us but on the other side the same life help us to find the power to stand up again and again and again .. You are doing so good adele and the counseling you are going too it will help you too .You now so much for the addiction now. You are in the right way and I love your kindness I admire it . Im so happy for you that November will be a nice month for you too and I hope for all of us peace in our lives.

My lovely Monique
When I see you in my thread I feel so so good because I remember my first day in here and you where here for me every time . You are in my prayers Monique . I hope that your son will feel that inside him has the power to stop and change some things in his life. You are a rock Monique and I wish you the best to you and your family .
With all my love to all ell