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I appreciate your response but I found that stopping cold turkey made things much worse. I guess everyone is different. I tried not going for a week and the urge was 10x more. Now I go with way less cash and satisfy the urge that way. I have noticed each time I go the urge gets less and less. If someone is in debt and has no cash I agree with you, self exclude etc but if you have cash and you are in the beginning stages stopping cold turkey never works. Unlike drugs which has a health effect and it scares people, the casino is different because people have jobs and you think you will make this money back. 

What you write is true ”If we were able to control our gambling then we wouldn’t be in trouble in the first place. ” but look at now and the situation, maybe you will learn self control from it? Again I am thankful it has been working for me and I was sharing tips that people can try. I don’t think many have the strength to just STOP, we all know that urge and unlike other urges this urge is harder to beat because as long as you have a job you know money is coming in and you tell yourself its okay. excluding doesn’t work a lot of times as you can easily get passed security or there are other casinos. Maybe you can share some thoughts on stopping cold turkey, I am open to hear them! 🙂

I was ashamed to tell my parents but I finally opened up and told them and we’re working together as a team.