Ah Jenny,
That is such a wonderful post to read. I am smiling too and so pleased for you and your boys. It shows that it can be done, we can recover from the ‘strange sickness’ that affects everyone connected to it in different ways. You can’t put a price on freedom and peace of mind. It begins with that first small step out of the web. Isn’t it wonderful that instead of those despairing angry hurt messages that we would post you can now talk of happiness and peace and normal days and awakenings. And so can I! To all you friends and family members who are struggling please take heart from these posts. It seems impossible at the outset but you can change your life for the better. The only life you can really save is your own and in the long run it is best for the CG too although I don’t know at what point they will realise that.
It doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly isn’t plain sailing but it can be done. Never give up hope. Well done Jenny – I think life will just go on getting better