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Ah Monica – you have had a lot going on-
You have been ill – that takes a lot out of you.
You have that helicobacter thing.
A lot of research says our digestive system is closely related to our mental wellbeing . Being unwell is dragging you down a bit .
Your life is far from over .
You have so much to offer and a family which is relying on you – and not for money .
You don’t have to buy expensive gifts – it’s hard for us to accept this but we really don’t .
You have a daughter who has gone from being incredibly low to feeling able to look forward to a holiday – that is thanks to you being there .
You have a mum and sister who worry about u and love u .
I’m not sure about pain and growth – I would rather eat and grow – but we all go through bad times but one thing I have learned is that they always get better .

Things will get better Monica – Christmas will be ok – you will see..
Can u make it to chat now ?