I am so sorry to find your post so late – I knew you said you had posts but wasn’t sure which one it was – sorry, I am still learning the system here.
Anyway, I found you – and really proud of your “too difficult box” (how clever!) and your commitment to yourself to look forward – not backward. Your posts to me have been extremely helpful as I have said before and I wanted you to know I found you, caught up on your story and am finally “with it”, I think!

How brave you have been! So much sh*t you have been through, how hard you have worked at work and with your boys – I understand the mom thing alone is enough work for 25 hrs a day!

I feel blessed to have met such a wise soul – and if you don’t feel wise, know you are – so much of what YOU said have been responsible for the shift I have been able to make in my own life. Thank you! I hope you can take that in (sometimes nice things are hard to hear).

I resonate with so much of what you say about your kids, yourself and your life – suffice to say we are on the same page and I only hope I can try and play “catch up” as I follow in your footsteps of recovery. You have done a brilliant job and you, my dear, need to give yourself a huge hug!

Your kids are lucky to have a mom who is so aware of their needs and focused on doing what needs to be done for them – I hope I can be that way soon…..Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) my own fears get in the way of doing what is right by my kids – the “what if’s” are LOUD and I am Afraid.

Usually I can only change when it is painfully evident that the train has already gone off the cliff but is barely hanging on by the little caboose…I desperately want to do what is right by my kids and me but the fear paralyzes me and I don’t know what to do….For someone who gets hit and hits others for recreation (Im a recreational cage fighter) I sure am a chicken …. 🙁

Thank you for showing me how to be strong, how to move forward and how to (try not to) be afraid……I hope to be as brave as you are one day…

Thank you for your story and for continuing to believe in me…

Much love