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Well I’m alive!
nHaven’t posted in awhile as I decided I wanted to hit a certain milestone before my next post. I hit it! I no longer owe money to bookies! Huge win for me and just such a stress removed and good feeling.
nI am just over a week away from hitting my 4 month gamble free mark.
nIt’s been a tough journey so far but I am incredibly proud I’ve stuck to it! I’ve finally given myself a chance to see what life can be without gambling, I am not debt free from gambling yet and still have a pretty decent amount to pay back but it’s to personal loans and family no more bookies or toxic pay day crap.
nI’m excited about the future and in the next few weeks will do my best to put aside a little money to buy some things as “rewards” so I don’t forget what I can do with my money when I don’t gamble.
nSo far it’s been surprisingly easy especially considering how bad I was and for how long.
nSports haven’t really started back up but there’s been some stuff and it hasn’t bothered me or anything.
nReally focused on the future and just understanding the behavior.
nHope everyone else is doing well on their journey!